The Asian region’s cooks are well experienced of the using spices to make the food more delicious as it is the paradise of spices. Spices augment the color, aroma and taste of food. Furthermore, many of them includes health advantages. If the spices are used in the appropriate combination, spices will change the simplest food into a scented and well-off wisdom in the world of cooking.



Cinnamon is a popular spice for centuries and one of the first traded spices that traditionally obtained from the outer brown bark of mature cinnamon tree. After dried and rolls into a tubular-sticks, it known as a quill. Cinnamon is a moderately size ever green tree that native to Sri Lanka. Ceylon cinnamon considers as the true cinnamon and Sri Lanka is well known in the international market for its unique and quality cinnamon. There are some value added products such as Cinnamon oil, Cinnamon powder and Tablets.

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Cardamom is an expensive spice that derived from the seeds of several plants in the Ginger family. Because of its intense and slightly sweet flavor can be seen used in both savory and sweet recipes. Not only as a spice but also as traditional medicine that have been used since ancient times it have impressive medicinal properties.

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Cloves are highly priced spices that used for culinary and medicinal purposes all over the world. It is basically the flower bud of the evergreen clove tree growing in tropical and subtropical countries. The tree scientifically known as Syzygium aromaticum and almost all the parts of the tree such as dried bud stems, and leaves provide various benefits. By sun drying hand-picked bright red matured clove buds produce the spice for markets. Cloves contain carbohydrates, protein, energy, dietary fiber and minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium. In addition some vitamins can found in them include vitamin E, folate, niacin as well as phosphorus, iron, zinc, vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, and vitamin A and K in small amounts.

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Black Pepper Corn


Pepper also known as peppercorn obtained by the pepper plant that belongs to Piperaceae family. Black Pepper is not only an incredibly popular spice but also a medicine since ancient times which known as the “King of Spice”. In order to produce Black pepper half-matured, Red corns should left to dry under the sunlight until they turn black.

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Black and white peppercorns both derived from the fruit of the pepper plant, but processed in different methods. To produce white peppercorns the freshly harvested pepper corns are soaked in water to remove outer layer, the skin and left to dry in sunlight. White pepper is hotter than black pepper and have less complex flavor. Because of its specific flavor white pepper is also used in many cuisines around the world.

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Vanilla beans are pleasantly fragrant pods that belong to the family of Orchids. It commonly used to make flavoring but other than that also used to make medicines and a widely use ingredient in perfumes. Not just a flavoring, vanilla also a great source of healthy benefits that contain several important nutrients such as sodium, potassium, Calcium, Copper, Iron and Magnesium.

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Nutmeg is the only evergreen tropical tree in the world which produces two popular spices, Nutmeg and mace. It is scientifically known as Myristica fragrans and indigenous to tropical countries. Nutmeg is the shelled seed of the tree and mace is the red lace like covering of the seed that commonly used across the world as spices and flavorings. Not only as a spice but also it is used as a medicine because of the medicinal properties.

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Chili powder


Chili powder consist dried, pulverized fruit of chili pepper Capsicum annuum. It belongs to the nightshade family along with tomatoes, bell pepper and eggplant. Chili powder basically used for culinary purposes to add hot and spiciness to dishes. Capsaicin can consider as a main ingredient of Chili and it is the compound that gives its hot and spicy kick. In addition to the spiciness this compound makes an effective remedy pain and several medical conditions. At the same time it is a reason for plenty of health benefits as well.

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Turmeric powder is a commonly used spice that obtained from the roots of the turmeric plant which belongs to Ginger family. It is one of the main spices use in curries and also it is used as a medicine. The main reason that gives the yellow color, the culinary and medicinal benefits is a chemical named curcumin. Other than that turmeric contains many nutrients that help to maintain a healthy life.

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Curry Powder

Curry powder



Other Spices