Grow Cuber & Pallet


Agrowcell Grow Cubes are 100% organic, biodegradable and have no issues for re-wetting. It helps to promote rapid dense root growth with perfect growing control.

Agrowcell Pellet is produced out of high-quality Coco Peat. This is a 100% biodegradable product specially designed for seeding purposes.




Grow cubes are made of coco husk chips and coco peat with advanced drainage holes. The holes on all surfaces help the excess water to drain. They are uniquely manufactured for plants, propagation of seeding for improved results.

The coir is washed thoroughly more than three times to balance EC and pH. It is ideal for greenhouses and farmers to be used as a starter for seeding and planting juvenile plants and young grows.The coco grow cubes are clean, free from Pathogen and less weight than the soil mixed packs.Grow Cubes are Available in pre-packed with drain holes which can be provided customized as per the preferred size and quantity of customer.


Just add water until it expands up to several times of its original. We provide nude pellets and also with nonwoven cloth-covered pellets on the customer’s requirement.It also consists of high water retention capacity and porosity that helps the root system to grow faster. Once the plant grows you can move it into the grow cube or directly to the growing media.