Compress Peat


It is ideal to use as a perfect organic form to recondition soil in horticulture and agriculture to emerge seeds, seeding plants, vegetable growing, cultivating flowers, farms, greenhouses as well as use in potting mixtures and soil conditions.



Easy-to-use briquettes are compressed coco peat into a brick form, which is smaller in size, and work in the same way as the blocks.These bricks are ideal for Home gardens, Horticulturalists, Greenhouse owners, Commercial nurseries or large, medium and small-scale growers. It is made of purely organic coco peat, which helps ideal water retention, propagation, soil aeration and seed germination.It is a perfect growing medium for hydroponics or container plant growing in the best proportion of results-oriented planting.Briquettes are available in a standard size, which fit for purpose of growers and gardeners of all scales.  They can be customized according to customers need.We also have a facility available to print the polythene wrapping individually for retail purposes.They are available from the range of 300 to 650g.

Coco Peat/Coco Coir/Coco Fiber is an organic extract of coir fibre from coconut husk, which is being pressed in diverse forms after dried.Coco Peat / Coco Pith / Coco Fiber Blocks are generally manufactured for commercial use.Pre packed blocks are available as naked blocks in pallets for bulk usage.Standard size is 3 Blocks per PP bag for easy distribution. Bags can be printed or plain as per requirements.