Coco Fiber


Fibre is chopped in to 0.5 – 2.5 cm size fibre and compressed in to bales. These cut fibre is using in hydro mulching or hydro seeding mixtures in the agriculture industry. Using cut fibre in hydro seeding mixtures provides a better medium for seed germination. The coir fiber in the coir mulch provides the structural stability to the hydro mulch mix.


bristle coir fiber mainly for the industry of brush and broom manufacturing. The firm, straight and long strands of fiber is known as bristle or brush fiber. The basic grade of bristle fibre is known as 1 Tie fiber. This is then further hackled and classified into 2 Tie and 3 Tie based on the length of strands and the general condition of fibers. We manufacture waxed, cut, bleached grades as well as black and white fiber.According to the customer’s requirement we can pack in bales or in bags.